You will have an energy-efficient home!

It is easy to make a promise. It is hard to keep one. It is even harder to deliver and keep a promise with regard to building an energy efficient home. This is because "efficiency" is invisible. You can't see, touch or hear efficiency. Yet, the best builders are focused on delivering ever greater efficiency that provide their clients abundant comfort and low utility bills. To make their commitment tangible, your builder has partnered with Efficiency Promise to provide a guarantee on the energy used to heat and cool your home. If the combined actual usage of electricity (kWh) or natural gas (mcf) exceeds the amount guaranteed, Efficiency Promise will pay 100% of the difference for the first two years of your home.

The guarantee is derived from confirmation of the energy performance characteristics as designed and installed in your home, the results from the inspection and testing of actual performance at various times while under construction and modified by how your family lives in and operates the home.

The only way to really know is though the Efficiency Promise methodology:

  • Energy Analysis
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Confirmation
  • And Guarantee

That's the commitment of delivered energy efficiency from your builder and Efficiency Promise.